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The Taijiguy Mellotron Samples

Technical information:


These samples were taken from a 30 year old Mellotron M400S, serial #500 a few years ago. The Tron's condition was decent. The heads were cleaned and the azimuth was aligned by Streetly Electronics in England (the original maker of this Tron) just prior to sampling. The capstan was clean, but the pinch rollers were a little dry. The cabinet was out of square. The tapes and frame were brand new. The 3 Violins sound is the harsher sounding MkII violins and not the M400 violins, which are really the MkII violins with the top end rolled off. The samples were recorded "hot" with the tone control fully clockwise. This is NOT how M400's are normally played. The tone control is generally set from about 1/8 to 1/3 clockwise. You will probably want to cut the top end drastically due to the brightness of the samples. Each set of samples is about 20 megabytes. These samples have NOT been butchered by looping them. They are approximately 7 seconds in length and retain both the initial attack, and in many cases, the bad endings. You can trim the ends if you want. I'm too lazy.

Restoration of M400S, serial #500 was completed on August 28, 2005 by Jerry Korb, the "Mellotron Professor", who returned it to "like new" condition. Photo is from Ken Leonard's website.

Bernie Kornowicz

Real Music Media is proud to host these samples. They consist of two complete sets: the full three octaves of the MkII 3 Violins and the full 3 octaves of the MkII Combined Brass. They are here made available exactly as they were originally released. We have not altered them in any way, just gathered them together in one archive. We have also added sfz mappings with simple eg controls and a low pass filter for the Violins. These samples are licensed freeware.

Midi CC# assignments:
CC# 20: Attack
CC# 21: Decay
CC# 22: Sustain
CC# 23: Release
CC# 24: 2 pole Low Pass Filter (violins only)
(The free sfz player follows the GM spec in assigning CC# 7 to channel volume).


You will need 7 zip to open the archive:
(or here if using a Mac).

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