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Sordid Business

Sordid Business Sordid Business makes a different kind of sampled music, one that draws on the pioneering spirit of the earliest electronic musicians. Utilizing a body of recorded work spanning 30 years and more, Sordid Business creates intricate sonic tapestries out of music, animal noises, spoken words, screams, moans, sound effects and static. Sordid Business resurrects the album format, turning it into an undead thing of profound convulsive energy.

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EmbigulatorEmbigulator is to new age music what a jackhammer is to rotting concrete, a celebration of the nuptials of machine and music, and a joyous embrace of noise in the service of concord. Embigulator is a musical solvent, stripping away a century of tired sentimental associations to penetrate straight to the heart of voluptuary harmonic gratification.

No, really.

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John Gump

John GumpJohn is an example of that rare thing: a drummer who doesn't suffer from any of the numerous learning disabilities that plague his kind. In fact he even does stuff other than drumming: he composes music (the old-fashioned way: staff paper, cylinder desk, goose quill pen, powdered wig, the whole get-up); he writes about the history of music and audio technology over at The Verge; he does audio-related stuff: recording and mixing songs, recording, editing, and mapping samples and so on; and he even does web design.

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Poor Fool

Poor FoolPoor Fool is a classic example of modern post-folk-music. This totally made up new genre explores the fringes of acoustic music, drawing on a motley of influences ranging from classic jazz, bluegrass, and show tunes at one extreme, to the ambient soundscapes of Brian Eno at the other. Melodic and mellifluous without ever becoming boring or bland, the music of Poor Fool is the ever-expanding soundtrack to an idyllic (and completely fictitious) life spent fishing, eating and sleeping.

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Kumbakarna The music of Kumbakarna smashes like it's namesake through conventional genre categories, drawing equally on the Gender Wayang of Bali, the orchestral experiments of Olivier Messiaen, and the dark ambience of Lustmord and Einstürzende Neubauten. A study in contrasts both aesthetic and dynamic, this music ranges from beguiling and hypnotic melodies to explosive paroxysms of percussive violence.

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Spontaneous praise from our listeners:

"Excellent work, top notch production..."

"Great work on the recording and mixing and musicianship (a triple threat!). And its really hard to not sing along with the first song...."

"I can't stop listening to this. creative mix of music for sure...."

"A cut well above what I usually hear."

"huge effort in terms of productions and song writing. Vocals & music are both excellent and the result is inspired and has a very intense feel. Many variations and original melodies: Well done...."

"this is really awesome. I love the intro and ending songs...."

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