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I have been playing kit drums for over 20 years. I play small kits with a single kick. I have played Thrash, Progressive Metal, Big Band Jazz, Progressive Rock and a host of other styles. I have listening skills and an understanding of musical structure that few drummers can match.


I trained privately with Jazz greats Marv Dahlgren and Floyd Thompson for over 4 years. All such training focused on drum kit technique. I have no particular expertise in hand drumming or tuned percussion. I do, on the other hand, have extensive experience in drum sampling and programming of all sorts.


Classic: John Bonham, Bill Bruford, Max Roach, Bela Bartok.
Modern: Dave Lombardo, Danny Carey, Bela Bartok, Dave Witte.

Audio examples

  • Smoke is a swung slow groove rock song by a (defunct) band called the November Criminals. The drum performance is an unedited single take.
  • Boilermaker: Same band as "Smoke". The drums are an unedited single take.
  • 5x3x4: a polyrhythmic solo composition for 5 piece drum set with no cymbals or snare. It is played live in real time. Composed by John.
  • Tool in a Box: Progressive noise metal-fusion. Composed by John.
  • We Are the Gentlemen: 80s style hardcore punk rock at 340 beats per minute. All parts performed by John.
  • Black Sunday: More punk rock. All parts performed by John.
  • Etude on a Mutation of Mikrokosmos 125: A Progressive Jazz Rock interpretation of Bartok's Mikrokosmos #125.
    Consider yourself warned.



No, Really.


Time spent long ago, in libraries and used book stores and roach infested apartments, studying scores by and/or recordings of....


Bela Bartok, Johannes Ockeghem, Charles Ives, Olivier Messiaen, Anton Webern, Lou Harrison, Duke Ellington, and Balinese Gender Wayang.

Audio examples

More of my music can be heard at the website of my band,
Sordid Business.



I am an enthusiastic student of cultural history. I am particularly interested in the interactions between music and technology.

I have written various articles about music and technology over the past 20 years, A few are available below.

The Problem of Musical Ignorance

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The Digital Audio revolution: A primer

John Gump

Availability and Contact Information:

I can be contacted via email at:

I am available for online drum recording services at any time. Just send a recording of your song, with or without a 'scratch' drum part, and I will provide a recording of the drums, using the Glyn Johns drum miking technique, in an acoustically treated room. Email me for details.

I am a member of an obscure but totally awesome band called Sordid Business, which plays shows every 5 years or so.

I am also (selectively) available for gigging in the Twin Cities metro area. I like rhythmically interesting music, and money. If you can offer me either of these, email me. I learn songs quickly, I am older and more dependable than most musicians, and I own a home with an acoustically treated rehearsal/recording space.

John Gump

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