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December 13, 2009
What a world we live in. A world where corporate copyright infringers exploit the people they are supposed to represent. Where musical celebrities steal whole songs without so much as saying thank you to the original artists. Where everyone wants to be a rock star, and where every song ever recorded is available instantly to anyone with an internet connection.

Now imagine that some idiot grew up in a different world, and wasted his formative years engaging in quaint but useless activities like:

  • Playing antique and outmoded musical intruments (e.g. acoustic guitar, mandolin, etc.)
  • Writing and performing original songs that are actually, well, original
  • Listening to, and coming under the influence of, the obsolete music of bygone civilizations: (e.g. big band jazz, progressive rock, etc.)
And so on.

Are you imagining this person? No?

Well you don't have to, because the artist known as Poor Fool is that very person.

His first album is available in a convenient zip file here. The songs are also available individually below.

Please subscribe to Poor Fool's RSS feed, and follow his sad exploits on Twitter. Above all, tell your friends about his plight.

And don't let this kind of thing happen to someone you love.

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