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Drum Sounds of the 60's

Drum Sounds of the 60'sThese loops are a reflection of a musical apprenticeship spent adulating and emulating the great American drummers who defined and perfected Funk and Soul, and the great British drummers who created the sound of classic Heavy Rock. The drums used (Ludwig) and the drummer (John Gump) were both made in the late Sixties, and were recorded on 5 tracks to magnetic tape using the Glyn Johns drum miking method that is featured on so many recordings of the era.

Swing Jazz Drums

Swing Jazz Drums This package forms our largest single collection of drum loops (over 420). Recorded using a minimal setup to capture the intimate but roomy sound of pioneering engineers like Tom Dowd; using vintage Slingerland drums, with traditional reinforcement rings and completely unmuffled heads; accented by vintage old world Zildian cymbals featuring an exquisite sizzle ride; and performed by a man who as a child was not given dinner unless his instructors were satisfied with has ability to swing each lesson properly, these loops are a must have.

Synthetic Vortices

Synthetic Vortices These loops are the work of sound designer/ Ambient musician Brent Reiland. Using only an Ensoniq Fizmo, a Great River preamp, and years of know-how, Brent crafted some of his most original, cutting edge sounds to date. These performances were then painstakingly edited to form seamless atmospheric loops. These loops are not forced into a grid, but are instead cut to various lengths to match the ebb and flow of the evolving soundscapes. This is why these loops are available only in wav and sfz formats. The sfz mappings have the added benefit of having amplifier eg controls, and high and low pass resonant filters with their own LFOs, all controllable via midi CC numbers.

Endangered Rhythms

Endangered Rhythms Endangered Rhythms is our first ever package of loops. This collection of Drum Loops with matching Bass Guitar loops spans across genre boundaries, ranging from bebop to prog rock, with over 10 different time signatures represented. The drummer and bassist have been playing as a unit for over 10 years, so the grooves are as solid and tight as any you will ever find. And with over 1000 loops to choose from, you will always be able to find something you can use.
Download Part 1 (Bass)
Download Part 2 (Drums)


Ritornelli Ritornelli is the series name for our exclusive library of classical guitar loops. These loops feature performances that are passionate as well as perfectionist, in a wide array of feels, tempi, and tonalities. These loops are both unique and uniquely well made, being recorded with state of the art microphones through some really nice preamps and converters into delicate little morsels of old world atmosphere.


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Sampled Instruments

All Real Music Media sampled instruments are royalty free and in the

The Real Snare Drum

The Real Snare DrumReal Music Media is proud to present the Real Snare Drum: a vintage 1972 Slingerland Sound King snare drum carefully sampled and mapped in an innovative and playable configuration. Each microphone has its own virtual channel, controlled by its own assigned midi CC#. The drum is sampled in 4 zones: center, 3 inch radius, 6 inch radius, and rim shot. Each zone has separate left and right hand samples mapped in an obvious and intuitive way, and there is round robin and velocity switching within each zone. The instrument also has decay, sustain and release controls each assigned to their own CC#.

The Open Source Drum Kit

The Open Source Drum KitReal Music Media is proud to present the Open Source Drum Kit. This is a set of over 700 high quality 24 bit/96kHz individual drum samples that we have released into the public domain (that's right, the Public Domain) for a 'crowd-sourced' sample mapping experiment. The samples come without any mappings, which are instead provided by the community. Although the sfz format is the default format, mappings in any format are encouraged, and there are several that are already available.

Customer Testimonials

"I am so pleased with this I can't even begin to put into words how absolutly right on this snare and it's whole concept is. I have been saying the same thing that your web site says for a long time... ...I am so tired of the huge priced drum outfits out there that give a pretty gui with possibly 10 or 20 single level velocity layers and charge a fortune. Pretty expensive sountfont machines are all they are for sure. .....Man I can't thank you enough for your work. I would have paid more for it if need be. So thanks for the great price too. PLEASE keep up the GREAT work..... Your concept, layout, and interface are perfect. I hope to hear more from you soon. Thank you very much again!"

"Excellent drums! I have just bought the Jazz Loops. I am very happy with purchase. Low price, and a good, natural sound. Thanks!"

"yep i did a transaction today, got them loops and i am in jazzy heaven, thanks!"

"Very nice product, excellent price. Highly recommended."

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