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December 8, 2009
Hello, and welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of Sordid Business. Where you can get free music that is actually good.

We Promise.

Sordid Business is a sample-based band, with influences ranging from the Beatles to Pierre Schaffer, from DJ Shadow to Frank Zappa. Although we use the occasional FX sample from or, we don't use samples of other people's music. We think this fact is so important that we are going to give it it's own paragraph:


We sample our own music, from our own terabyte sized collection of recordings made over the past 10 years.

Our most recent album is available here.  This is a large mp3, just under 30 minutes. The first song is in the video to your right.

Our first album is available here.  This, too, is a large mp3, just over 30 minutes. There is no video.

Please subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter.  We promise to keep a steady stream of new stuff coming:
  • The complete, individual song files in the two albums above will be made available separately.
  • New songs, not part of any album, will be made available separately.
  • Hi-Fi versions (i.e. 16 bit/44.1 KHz or 24 bit/48 KHz wave files) of all of the above will be made available for limited times.
  • A make-your-own-CD-or-DVD service will also be made available for limited times.
Almost all of this stuff will be free. The stuff that isn't free will actually be worth more than free.

We Promise.

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