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SORDID BUSINESS was born many years ago in the basement of a house in a storied region of Minneapolis, where three friends used to hang out, listening for hours on end to all kinds of progressive rock, heavy metal and jazz, while partaking of the usual wide variety of mind altering chemicals.

These three friends were musicians, talented but unrealistic musicians whose ideas were always extravagent well beyond their means. Rather than accept reality and tone down their ambitions, they endeavored hopelessly to do the musical equivalent of constructing mnemonic memory circuits with stone knifes and bear skins.

Fast-forward to the present, to another basement, in another house, in the same storied region of Minneapolis, where two of the same friends (whose names, by the way, are JOHN and CHARLES) are busy at work in a studio that would have filled their adolescent hearts with awe and wonder. For today, technological advances allow poor people like JOHN and CHARLES to enjoy the kinds of sonic resources that were, until recently, the exclusive playthings of the wealthy or well-connected. And while short-sighted consumers complain about all of the crappy home made music that seems to flood the internet, SORDID BUSINESS has quietly been recording some of the least crappy music of the past 15 years.

CHARLES usually starts with a guitar, (or a bass guitar, or a mandolin, or a lap steel, or an analog synthesizer), and sends the signal through a pedal board that would kill a lesser man, before finally throwing it into the world, screaming, through a dual amplifier array; a virtual Nor'easter of sonic fury. In stereo.

JOHN does the sampling, synthesis and MIDI programming, and plays the acoustic drum kit with thunderous and asymmetrical aplomb. JOHN is also the one who creates the impossible sonic realities that SORDID BUSINESS calls 'albums' (in loving memory of a dead art form from the twentieth century), using the powers of digital editing and signal processing to bend time and space to his will.

JOHN and CHARLES have also been known to write and sing songs that are almost normal, with memorable melodies, catchy bass parts, and literate lyrics. Many of them are even in 4/4 time. And while the music of SORDID BUSINESS is often categorized as 'psychedelic' or 'progressive', its most conspicuous trait is simple eclecticism.

But don't take anyone's word for it, have a listen

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