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NOTE: If you are one of those people who are only interested in individual SONGS, and not ALBUMS, you should go to our BLOG, where you will find an endless stream of SONGS.


SORDID BUSINESS releases ALBUMS because we grew up listening to ALBUMS, had our tastes and ideals formed while listening to ALBUMS, and spent our salad years dreaming of making our own. Back then we couldn't do this, because the resources needed to make ALBUMS (especially 'CONCEPT ALBUMS') were expensive beyond our means. But today, now that these resources have become affordable, we see no reason not to indulge our long-repressed instincts for WRETCHED EXCESS.

SORDID BUSINESS presently has three albums available.

The first SORDID BUSINESS album is called 'A Digital Letter'. It was finished in 2007.

A Digital Letter.


The second SORDID BUSINESS album is called 'Emperors of the Airwaves' (original title: 'Sordid Business Takes Over The Radio'). It was finished in 2009.

Emperors of the Airwaves.


The third SORDID BUSINESS album is called 'Blues For Arnold'. It was finished in November, 2012.

Blues for Arnold.

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